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New SIP Trunking Report with Global Sales Forecast from 2016-2020

More than 60% of companies now use SIP for communications. By 2020, 70% of all network traffic will be SIP. ISDN, PRI and the PSTN have given-way to SIP. The SIP trunk market is still growing steadily, faster throughout the world, than the overall IT market. And it could be 20 years before the market changes course. 

Eastern Management Group has researched, analyzed, and forecasted changes coming to the SIP trunk market.  They are presented in a new 2017 report, called SIP Trunking Global Market Analysis and Forecast 2016-2020. The report is based on research by our analysts, and more than 3,500 IT manager surveys, all performed in 2017.
The SIP market is changing quickly. PBX providers may sell customers SIP trunks, that they have white labeled from network service providers. Some SIP trunk companies may have few network assets and technical support, but are able to brand a product that they never come in contact with. Meanwhile other SIP service providers own their networks, NOCs, and technical staff. The array of service options and vendor ownership is significant. There is an overwhelming assortment of options for SIP trunk users, just as there are for prospective providers.The barriers to market entry can be high, or low, and the number of new SIP carriers is increasing yearly. We have little doubt that dozens of new SIP providers will arrive in the market in the next year, and the year after that.
We welcome your interest in our new SIP trunking report SIP Trunking Global Market Analysis and Forecast 2016-2020. You can get more information about the report, including a brochure and pricing, by requesting the report by name .....here.


SIP Phone Sales Forecasted from 2016-2020 in Report from Eastern Management Group

It didn’t take long for some new SIP phone vendors to establish commanding market positions. And while the dominance of, say, Polycom is currently unquestioned, the market has quickly embraced other emerging providers, and so there is uncertainty as well as opportunity. 

Our new SIP Phones report is called SIP Phones Global Market Analysis and Forecast 2016-2020. The global study required extensive research on dozens of SIP phone providers, and thousands of IT manager customers. The report includes a comprehensive look at all the top phone providers, and considerable segmentation of the SIP phone market throughout the world.
The versatility of SIP phones have made them a natural beneficiary of the remarkable growth of hosted PBXs, open source software, and to some degree open standards PBXs. Sales of these telephones are rising along with the overall SIP market.
We continue to believe the SIP phone market will benefit as more vendors enter the picture. Ones with strong distribution channels stand to gain the most rewards.
Eastern Management Group’s 2017 report, SIP Phones Global Market Analysis and Forecast 2016-2020, is currently available for delivery. You can get more information about the report, including a brochure and pricing, by requesting the report by name .....here.

A New Comprehensive SIP Report from Eastern Management Group 

Our newest 5-year market analysis of SIP was just published, in 2017. The report, SIP Global Market Analysis and Forecast 2016-2020, is another of Eastern Management Group’s multi-faceted SIP studies. 

The future of SIP is not unclear. Growth is on an even keel – and SIP is prepared for the end of the PSTN, which is fast approaching, and has been announced by several incumbent carriers. For as long as the Eastern Management Group has been studying and forecasting SIP, IT managers have embraced the technology. SIP quality is exceptionally good; it is more versatile than traditional networks; and the cost of SIP easily beats-out many alternatives. 
In our many previous SIP studies, we have made a point of asking IT managers about the importance of SIP to their business. Our new study asked IT managers to judge their vendors along several dimensions. We were not surprised by the result. IT managers generally like the SIP vendors they’ve chosen.
There are many differences in the SIP market today, compared to when the Eastern Management Group published its last SIP study.
  • More companies have SIP than don’t 
  • Many new vendors have been added to the leader board 
  • There are many new go-to-market models for vendors 
  • Market growth is predictable.
  • There remains a real need for new providers
The comprehensive SIP report, from the Eastern Management Group, bundles together two other new SIP reports, on SIP trunks and SIP phones. The packaging is important for IT managers who have or are about to make a full throttled commitment to SIP. 
You can request more information on the combined report, SIP Global Market Analysis and Forecast 2016-2020, including a brochure and price. Please ask for it by name .....here

Why Should You Change Now?

There are many good providers. We have done benchmark studies on IPPBXs that work with SIP, SIP trunk providers, VoIP phone, SBC, and management services companies. There are many choices, and we have several vendor reports and advisory services you can benefit from. To set up a consultation, contact us .....here.

Customers Evaluate Dozens of SIP Suppliers in Reports Available from Eastern Management  

Maybe your business hasn’t yet moved all its network traffic to SIP. Or perhaps it’s time to change or supplement your choice of providers. There is a lot to investigate before choosing a course of action. Ideally you’ll vet several vendors with high customer satisfaction rankings in areas important to your business. This may include management tools, contact center experience, value and more. At the Eastern Management Group we can help you. 

If you just want a report on several top SIP providers, it’s likely we have what you need on-the-shelf. We have dozens of such reports, each prepared from Eastern Management Group research. More comprehensive evaluations can also be performed, in order to best match a vendor or group of vendors to your product, service, and support needs.
To discuss your requirements, be it a report or consulting assignment, simply contact us .....here.   



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